How to Compare Central Air Conditioning Unit Brands

When a heat wave hits, you don’t want to be without the best central air-conditioning unit available. Sifting through the various options and brands can quickly become overwhelming. To help you narrow your search, this guide will give a brief overview of a few of the most important qualities you need to consider when purchasing

Leave the A/C On: 3 Risks of Turning Off A/C During a Vacation

When leaving for a vacation, it can be easy to overlook the steps needed to prepare your home for temporary vacancy. You might ask a neighbor to pick up your mail, water your plants, and walk your dog, but home maintenance can fall by the wayside. During the winter, it’s advisable to turn off your

3 Ways Preventative HVAC Maintenance Saves Your Business Money

What costs more: a transmission fluid flush or a whole new transmission? The answer to this question is easy and makes a case for building a preventative HVAC maintenance plan for your business offices and facilities. Heating and cooling systems are important for maintaining productivity and setting safety standards for your employees. Furthermore, costly equipment

Ventilation Neutralizes 3 Health and Wellness Threats

There aren’t many needs more important than the air we breathe. Poor air quality can not only cause discomfort, but it can lead to sickness and compromised health. While outdoor pollutants, such as smog and allergens often dominate discussions about air quality, the reality is, indoor air is often much more contaminated than outdoor air.

3 Ways Geothermal HVAC Systems Save Money

Geothermal HVAC systems have come a long way since Chaudes-Aigues, France tapped into natural hot springs to create one of the world’s first recorded heating networks. Today, the general idea of using natural sources to heat and cool homes and offices is combined with modern technology. Modern geothermal HVAC systems work by taking advantage of

4 Benefits of Buying A New Trane Air Conditioner This Summer

Make no bones about it—the dog days of summer are here. With heat waves scorching the region, it could be time to evaluate your home air conditioning system. Although air conditioning systems can last up to 15 years, some units may not work efficiently toward the end of their lifespans. Improper installation and high workloads

3 Signs It’s Time to Replace a Water Heater

Hot water is an essential amenity in any home. Cleaning, cooking, and comfort all depend on a fresh supply of hot water. Most homes use conventional gas or electric water heaters to keep showers and mop buckets hot. But like any HVAC workhorse that must perform on demand, day-in and day-out, water heaters are prone