Make no bones about it—the dog days of summer are here. With heat waves scorching the region, it could be time to evaluate your home air conditioning system. Although air conditioning systems can last up to 15 years, some units may not work efficiently toward the end of their lifespans. Improper installation and high workloads both conspire to add wear and tear to cooling systems. Telltale signs of a failing unit include molding evaporator coils, growling compressors, and increasing energy costs. Buying a new air conditioning unit after years of relying on the same unit can be daunting, but fortunately, Trane air conditioning systems make your choice easy. Trane air conditioners offer you excellent comfort, better air quality, lower energy costs, and expert engineering.  Read on to learn more about how Trane helps you beat the summer heat.


Aged air conditioners fail to keep you comfortable. Struggling evaporator coils no longer dehumidify the air, leaving rooms feeling moist and clammy. Poorly functioning refrigerant cycles make your indoor atmosphere more tepid than cool. But when you upgrade with Trane, you’re investing in unparalleled comfort technology. Trane’s latest line of air conditioners come equipped with the TruComfort system. The benefits of this system include:

  •    Automatic thermostat
  •    Variable fan adjustment
  •    Compressor sound insulator

Better Air Quality

After years of circulating indoor air, an aged air conditioner might do more harm than good. Mold, dust, and pollen can clog an aged air conditioner filter and components of your system. An aged air conditioning system will contaminate the air with more pollution than what it manages to clean, which can be dangerous to those in your facility. Trane air conditioning systems beat pollution with the Trane CleanEffects filtration system. The benefits of this system include:

  •    Superior air purification
  •    Humidity control
  •    Ventilation.
  •    Eliminate pollen, dust, mold and other indoor pollutants

Reduced Energy Consumption

Over time, an aged air conditioner will increase your energy costs. As the aged air conditioner begins to fail, it will draw more power from your electrical grid to produce subpar results. Trane air conditioners offer models that meet rigorous Energy Star standards. Energy Star-certified air conditioning systems offer you the following advantages:

  •    High season energy efficiency rating
  •    High energy efficient rating
  •    Lower energy bills
  •    Lower climate impact

Expert Engineering

When you invest in a new Trane air conditioner, you’re investing in the best HVAC technology on the market. Since debuting its first air conditioner in 1931, Trane has pursued a commitment to excellence in engineering that adds to the comfort and safety in your home. Trane’s modern air conditioners benefit you with the following features:

  •    Exclusive compressor. Trane’s propriety compressor provides greater durability, flexibility, and performance.
  •    Spine-fin coils. Trane’s aluminum coils resist corrosion and prevent refrigerant leakage.
  •    Variable speed cooling. This cooling method increases efficiency, humidity control, and air quality.


Don’t suffer the summer heat a moment longer. If your aged air conditioning system is on its last leg, invest in a new Trane system. Get the comfort, air quality, energy saving, and expert engineering you deserve. If you’d like to learn more about Trane’s award-winning air conditioning systems, reach out to our team at John’s Service and Sales. We’re here to help you find the system that is most affordable and effective for your home or business. Call today and enjoy cool, clean indoor air.