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On Demand Water Heaters

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On-Demand Water Heater Installation

The tankless water heater is extremely compact. The size of a residential model is equal to the size of a suitcase and can be conveniently mounted on the wall. Natural gas on demand water heater model needs to be vented to the outdoors, however, most of the models now make use of direct-vent technology, which means that there is no requirement of a chimney. In the most recent natural gas on demand water heater, exhaust gas is now vented outside via a PVC pipe, which spreads through an outside wall. This means that tankless water heaters are extremely efficient at transmitting all the heat from the burning fuel to the water resulting in a cool exhaust gas, therefore no amount of heat is wasted up in a chimney. This is how it can make use of a plastic pipe to exhaust out the sidewall of your house instead of going up in a chimney. If you are looking to save big on water heater expense with on-demand water heater installation you must contact John’s Service and Sales.

Looking to save on your energy bill?

An on demand hot water heater can cut costs.

Benefits of On Demand Water Heaters

Saving is one of the greatest advantages of the tankless water heater. Because the unit only consumes energy when hot water is required, as a house owner you will experience visible savings on your energy expense. Another visible advantage of on-demand water heater is that it requires less space. As compared to other water heaters with bulky water tanks, a tankless water heater allows its users to enjoy more space inside the home.


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