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Refrigeration Design

Our team at John’s Service and Sales specializes in refrigerator design and walk-in cooler design to build and install walk-in freezer and walk-in cooler freezer combo. We aim to develop a customer refrigerator design for your business, which delivers an energy efficient walk-in freezer to suit your particular requirements. John’s Service and Sales refrigerator design aims to give you a total control over your custom refrigeration solution. Serving as the only accountable source for your refrigerator design project empower us to provide you with a walk-in freezer that suits your requirements and reduces costs associated with time, efficiency and energy consumption.

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Variable Refrigerant Flow System Design

VRF technology or variable refrigerant flow is the equipment that routes 2 and 3 pipe refrigerant circuits from one external unit to a number of internal units and is capable of delivering cooling and heating at the same time according to the requirement of each unit. Based on the most recent technology, our variable refrigerant flow system design at John’s Service and Sales is well-suited for businesses that are looking to save the cost of energy consumption, reduce the time of construction and save installation space. The system for heat recovery assures high savings on energy consumption by drawing heat from the rooms that need to be cooled and efficiently using it as a source of heat for the rooms that are required to stay warm. Unlike the conventional refrigerant system that operates at full capacity when switched on, the variable refrigerant flow system design includes the use of inverter compressors that deliver variable heating and cooling options.


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