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Air Filtration Systems

HEPA and NBC filters available on hand.

HEPA Air Filtration Systems

HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air, is designed to capture the fine airborne particles. A HEPA air filtration system purifies the air within your house, shop or industry to remove the dust, dander, pollens and other airborne particles which can cause allergies. Using air filtration system to strain the particles from the air, HEPA system provides a continuous flow of clean and breathable air. John’s Services and Sales are devoted to helping you improve the quality of life for you. If you want a home air filtration system, shop air filtration system, industrial air filtration system, or commercial air filtration system our qualified experts can professionally install a HEPA system to make the environment comfortable and healthy. Improve the quality of air within your home or business with HEPA air filtration system. Our NBC air filtration systems combined the most effective HEPA filters to remove the airborne particles form your breathable air. NBC air filtration system ensure that there’s more pressure of air inside the shelter than outside. They blow air out to ensure that airborne toxins stay out and you and your family can breathe comfortably in case something terrible happens. John’s Services and Sales reassure you to include NBC air filtration system as an essential feature to your bomb shelter. Our technicians will build the optimal underground shelter possible that’s equipped with the modern NBC filtration system.

Keep airborne toxins at bay.

The right filtration system will keep you breathing easy.

Fabrication and Installation

HEPA air filtration system is designed, manufactured, tested and certified to meet US and European test standards. The HEPA home air filtration system is made from thin glass fibers and hold some level of actuated carbon-based materials. The fibers of the filter are formed into a thick material which is pleated with some HEPA home air filtration system must remove a minimum of 99.97% of 0.3-micron particles which passes through the filter. If you want a HEPA air filtration system, John’s Services and Sales can fabricate and install all types of air filter whether it be home air filtration system, shop air filtration system and industrial air filtration system. We are aware of the high-efficiency performance required by HEPA system. Moreover, our expert team is also aware that the filter pack within each frame is delicate, and must not be damaged during installation.
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