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Fire Damper Checking, Reporting and Certification

Maintain the fire safety in your building to protect your staff, visitors, and building.

Fire Damper Installation

Fire dampers perform a critical role in the fire safety system of a building. John’s Services and Sales offer an inclusive fire damper inspection and fire damper installation services for hospitals and healthcare environments, to confirm regulatory compliance and a high standard of fire safety for patients, staff, and visitors. The main purpose of a hospital ductwork system is to ensure air quality and carry away harmful airborne pathogens, the ductwork also has a vital role to play in controlling the spread of fire and smoke throughout a building. We provide fire damper for ductwork to ensure safe healthcare environment. The two fire damper types include dynamic fire damper and static fire damper. Dynamic fire dampers are placed in vertical walls, where the HVAC system fan will stay on in the event of a fire. We also keep fire damper inspection reports of all fire damper installation within your buildings, enabling the manager see at a glance how many fire dampers they have and where they are located. Adhering to all fire code compliance standards, John’s Services and Sales is specialized in inspection and is certified in fire damper installation. Getting inoperable fire dampers fixed without delay is a code requirement in healthcare facilities, therefore it is important to have HVAC fire dampers.

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Fire Damper Inspection

John’s Services and Sales can provide fire damper inspection as per the requirements of Code and will assist you in keeping your health care facility in agreement with local and state building codes.
Our team dedicated to healthcare fire damper installation understands these procedures and the importance of containment. We also provide our customers with a comprehensive fire damper inspection report which notes all the significant information about each of their devices. Among other fire damper inspection companies, we offer comprehensive fire damper inspection reports to meet the building code requirements.


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