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Hot Water Boilers

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Hot Water Boiler Experts

Whether you require a hot water boiler repair or you have decided that the time for the installation of a new hot water boiler, John’s Service and Sales is the hot water boiler experts you need on your side. Our well-trained technicians can handle any kind of hot water boiler repair that comes our way. In addition, we are well aware of how every make and model works, and we can get the job done on time and in a professional manner. Similar to the many appliances where preventive maintenance keeps them in functioning condition, a hot water boiler is also no different. Our hot water boiler experts can also help you with boiler water tank repair.

Maintain, repair, or replace.

Ensure your hot water boiler is in top running condition.

Gas Hot Water Heaters vs. Electric Boilers

The most common option a standard water heater boiler uses for power is a gas flame or element of electric heating to heat water. Based on the domestic costs of your utilities, a gas hot water boiler is usually less expensive to operate when compared to electric hot water boiler. A gas hot water boiler has more upfront cost of installation when compared to electric hot water boiler. However, by energy savings, gas hot water boiler usually makes up for the price difference in about a year. Gas hot water boilers make use of the heat from burning fuel, typically natural gas, to heat water, while an electric hot water boiler makes use of electric resistance coils. A gas hot water boiler is less energy efficient than an electric hot water boiler, but the cost of electricity itself makes the running costs of an electric hot water boiler higher. Gas hot water boilers also have a much faster recovery rate, which makes them a suitable choice for larger families. If you are considering updating your hot water heater and don’t know which option is best for your home, contact the professionals at John’s Service and Sales.


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