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Family owned for almost 60 years

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Why John’s Service & Sales?

There’s a reason why we’ve been in business for so long – our customer service.


Family Owned and Operated

John’s Service and Sales has been in business for 56 years. We are a family owned and operated business and that is why we also treat our customers like our family. John’s Service and Sales is founded in 1962 by John E. Senica. When John started operating John’s Service and Sales, he was committed to his hard-working nature and his passion for helping others. He started the company operations in his garage. His best friend donated him a pick-up truck, which he used to get his first job. The business then rapidly grew as his father-in-law and several other local friends joined him in the business and formed the first team of John’s Service and Sales.
John’s Service and Sales continued to grow and the business moved from the garage to a local storefront. During 1970’s John’s both sons also joined the team of John’s Service and Sales. The current location of John’s Service and Sales in heart of downtown Oglesby was built by John in 1980. As of today it is conveniently located in North Central Illinois and is capable of serving our customers throughout the state of Illinois and surrounding states.
Now John’s Service and Sales has become a third generation family-owned business with more than 40 dedicated full-time employees. Although the founder of the company, John E. Senica has passed, his legacy remains in the hearts of his family members who are currently operating John’s Service and Sales. His son Randy and grandsons John V., Nathan, Luke, and Sam Senica all follow the suite of John’s hard work and dedication towards his work and clients.


From a garage to a 5,000 square foot showroom.

John’s Services and Sales continues to grow.


Outstanding Customer Service

At John’s Sale and Service, we are aimed at providing our customers with superior workmanship and exceptional customer service through our values of honesty and integrity. At John’s Service and Sales we are available 24/7 to serve our customers in their hour of need. When it comes to quality, we are at the top of the list because of our knowledgeable staff and technicians.

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