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The Water Commander

When it comes to sump pump installation, “The Water Commander” is the most powerful water-powered backup sump pump based on the most advanced technology that we install. The Water Commander – MG 22 is the most popular sump pump model for residential use that comes with an industrial level quality and manufactured by Trane Corporation. It is a true workhorse, which is being used in a large number of homes throughout the country.

Old home?

We’ll install your sump pump including digging the pit to delivering drainage.

Sump Pump Installation

While most of the newly built houses with a basement already features a sump pump, a few older homes may not have one installed or there may be a need of new basement sump pump installation to replace the one that is defective and not working anymore. Backup sump pump installation from scratch is a considerably complex procedure and requires professional help. At John’s Service and Sales, we have all the expertise to handle sump pump installation. This includes digging a pit in the basement where your sump pump will rest in, running a pipe from the pump out into a drainage system and making sure that sump pump functions effectively when needed.
Whether you need accurate sump pump installation, sump pump repair, or sump pump maintenance service, you must contact John’s Service and Sales today. Our expert technicians can provide you with the inspection of your basement, discuss your preferences for sump pump installation and finally deliver a perfect sump pump installation. Once your basement sump pump installation is completed, you will not experience anymore basement flooding, which previously keeps on ruing your property and risking the structural integrity of your house.


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