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Spec Bidding & Construction Services

Affordable, energy-efficient HVAC systems start at the plan and spec stage.

HVAC Construction Plan and Spec

When you require HVAC construction for a new commercial building, you can rely on John’s Service and Sales to assist you in building, planning and designing the specs of your new HVAC system. John’s Service and Sales offers complete engineering services for HVAC duct construction along with HVAC specs and HVAC bids. We also provide our clients with the most affordable cost of new construction of HVAC system. For our HVAC contracts for bid, we offer HVAC construction cost per square foot. Our experts assure to build a custom system that provides your building with accurate heating and cooling levels.

Our #1 priority –

Safety for our customers and our staff.

John’s Service and Sales Safety

John’s Service and Sales safety policy includes that the well-being and health of our employees are of highest and main significance. The management at John’s Service and Sales recognize the significance of safety and health and is committed to provide a safe working environment for our employees where identified safety hazards are either controlled or eliminated if possible. We view OSHA-10 and 30 and MSHA‘s regulatory requirement as a minimum starting point for our safety programs. John’s Service and Sales safety programs are an essential part of the orientation process for newly hired employees and continue over the course of every team member’s career span, ensuring our clients to enjoy reliable services and peace of mind.
At John’s Service and Sales, we will work with you to design the perfect HVAC construction and our expert technicians will put the system in place.


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