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Trane Dealer

John’s Service and Sales takes pride in being a Trane Comfort Specialist. Trane Comfort Specialist refers to an independent Trane dealer who is dedicated to providing the best service and installation of Trane HVAC systems including Trane air conditioners, Trace furnaces, and Trane heat pumps, along with extensive employee training and superior consumer satisfaction. John’s Service and Sales has been a Trane dealer for more than 25 years and is on the list of the Top 10 Trane Dealers in the Heartland distribution area. We are recognized as, “The #1 Trane Ductless System Sales Contractor,” for 2018. John’s Service and Sales has access to the Trane portal and offer additional savings through the Trane reimbursement program.

The #1 Ductless System Sales Contractor

Top 10 TRANE Dealer for 15 years!

Trane Warranty

As a Trane Comfort Specialist, we assist with extended Trane warranties. An extended Trane warranty allows consumers the additional opportunity to manage their ongoing expenses of operations. An extended Trane warranty helps you project your HVAC costs and guard your business or home against any increase in the cost of labor and material. Moreover, the optional extended Trane warranty covers the expense of labor and parts of equipment.

John’s Service and Sales is committed to training our technicians in order to keep them up to date on the advanced technologies by Trane. We make sure that customers receive a system, which offers them maximum competence, consistency, and convenience, as well as the expertise that is now associated the brands Trane and John’s Service and Sales.


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