The best way to get those pesky allergen particles out of your home is with an EPA certified air filtration system. Luckily, a variety of options exist.

Allergies are never pleasant, and when people are sneezing up a storm, it can be difficult not to notice—or to wonder what the culprit might be. Aside from being more common at certain times of year, allergies can strike unexpectedly, and that’s especially true when your heating and air conditioning equipment isn’t performing up to par. When it comes to HVAC, we often take the ventilation part for granted, even though it’s probably the most critical.

Fortunately, we’re expert HVAC technicians who can reveal the secrets to effective air distribution and air filter maintenance.

The Right Air Filter Support Matters

To get the best results from your HVAC system, you must practice air filtration maintenance the right way. Your heating and cooling setup needs the proper air filter or it might expose you to smoke, dangerous pet danders, harmful odors, or any other pollutants that can drive sinuses crazy. If you want to fight allergens effectively, make sure your building is supported by one of these three solutions:

Mechanical Filters

These specialized HEPA-certified filters have been around since the dawn of World War II. Mechanical filters are responsible for trapping and killing some of the most dangerous allergens. This includes high-particle toxins, condensed glass fibers, and smoke pollution. And most of these air cleaners are strong enough to keep 99% of pollen, dust, and smoke particles out of any indoor environment.

If you want to maintain an exceptional air quality, the experts at John’s Services and Sales have a variety of mechanical filters that can be tailored for your HVAC system. We’ll take care of the installation, maintenance, and beyond.

Electrostatic Filters

For those who want to cut down on their energy bills, electrostatic filters might be one of the best options. These unique air purifiers are powered by an electrical charge and are used to enhance the performance of your mechanical systems. Electrostatic air filters rely on multiple layers of filtration media called collecting plates. They attract and convert particles into air deposits, which collect and dispense harmful particles into a waste system, thus creating a healthier airflow.

Hybrid Filters

Hybrid filters stimulate the work of mechanical and electrostatic filtration. These air cleaners come with a variety of features including UV lights, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers, This helps trap and kill pathogens the moment they find their way into your ventilation system. With a hybrid filter, you can improve filtration, save space, and reduce pesky noises your HVAC system might produce.

Prevent Indoor Air Pollution With John’s Services and Sales

If you’re sick of allergies taking a toll on your life, it may be time to tune up your air filtration strategy. The experts at John’s Services and Sales are here to help. We’ll take care of the installation and follow up with routine maintenance to ensure you’re always getting quality results from your HVAC system. With us by your side, expect better indoor air quality, fewer sinus attacks, and more peace of mind.

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