If you’re heading off to vacation soon, don’t plan on shutting off your water heater unless you’re prepared to deal with expensive repairs or replacements.

Your bags are packed, the kids are smiling, and the trunk of your car is filled with a week’s worth of luggage. This only means one thing: It’s time to take a much-needed vacation. But before you hit the road, you might be wondering what you can do to save energy while your home or business is vacant. Most homeowners use this as an opportunity to give their HVAC equipment a rest, particularly the water heating system. While this may seem like a wise move, we’re here to share some better options.  

The Simplest Form of HVAC Maintenance

When you’re going out of town, some appliances can be unplugged and lights can be turned off to save energy. But your preventive maintenance program should never instruct you to shut off the water heater. These are some of the key reasons you should consider keeping that system in proper working order when away from home:

It Will Keep More Money in Your Bank Account

Turning off the water heater is unnecessary if you’re only getting away for a short time. You won’t see any significant savings unless you plan to be gone for a month or longer. Most makes and models will save you just a few cents only. This doesn’t seem worth it, considering how long it takes to get the heat pump back to optimal form.

It Extends the Lifespan of Your Equipment

When treated right, your water heater should last you from eight to 12 years. Turning the system off could actually hinder its lifespan. Water heaters are engineered to run continuously, so a lengthy downtime will hinder its ability to perform. This form of reactive maintenance may force you to purchase a water heater replacement faster than intended.

It Eliminates Downtime and Boosts Productivity

Water heater HVAC systems are extremely popular options for businesses. Whether you’re running a small startup or a corporate empire, water heaters are able to support any type of operation with comfortable air. Any downtime is detrimental when running a business, and when you turn off the water heater, you can expect a lot of it. Keeping this HVAC system on leaves the working environment in a safe and stable operating condition so you can focus on the most important priorities—running your business and household.

It Helps Keeps the Environment Safe

If your working or living spaces aren’t properly air conditioned, they are deemed unsafe environments. Performing regular maintenance on your water heater is encouraged, but you don’t need to shut off the system to do so. Water heaters are responsible for generating and distributing comfortable and breathable air. They will be unable to do so when the system is idle for an extended period.

Create the Perfect Preventive Maintenance Plan Today

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