There aren’t many needs more important than the air we breathe. Poor air quality can not only cause discomfort, but it can lead to sickness and compromised health. While outdoor pollutants, such as smog and allergens often dominate discussions about air quality, the reality is, indoor air is often much more contaminated than outdoor air. In fact, the concentration of certain pollutants and contaminants can be up to two to five times higher in homes and offices than outdoors. The following items often contribute to subpar air quality:

  •    Cleaning chemicals
  •    Molds
  •    Pet dander
  •    Smoke (cigarette, cooking, etc.)
  •    Construction materials
  •    Dust
  •    And more

Fortunately, a professionally-installed ventilation system can protect health and wellness. Whether you’re interested in circulating clean, fresh air for your family at home or your employees at the office, consider the following health advantages a ventilation system can offer.

Neutralize Allergens and irritants

Allergens and irritants can become trapped and concentrated inside of a home when ventilation is inadequate. Coughing, sneezing, congestion, watery eyes, headaches, and rashes are all common symptoms that result from the concentration of these allergens and irritants. It’s hard to relax at home or concentrate at work with a constant runny nose and headache. Worse yet, allergic responses can make an individual more susceptible to bacteria and catching an illness. Though poor indoor air-quality can be difficult to combat, an industrial ventilation system can make all the difference. Effective ventilation will remove large particles, dust, and bacteria from the air, circulate clean air throughout the building, and lower incidence of allergic reaction and illness.

Neutralize Volatile Organic Compounds

We encounter volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on a daily basis—and they can be extremely dangerous. VOCs include paints, varnishes, disinfectants, furniture glue, and air fresheners. Exposure to VOCs in high concentrations can cause throat irritation, nausea, and even organ damage. While storing chemicals properly and opening a window or two after cleaning or setting up new furniture is a start, you cannot guarantee a meaningful reduction of VOCs without industrial ventilation fans and systems. An effective ventilation system will expel VOCs and circulate clean air from the outside.

Neutralize Condensation

If a building or living space ever smells dank, this can be a sure sign of moisture and condensation levels. In and of itself, high levels of moisture may not seem to be a nuisance besides a musty smell, but condensation can do irreparable damage to property and ruin living conditions. The moisture migrates to the coldest surface available and condenses, forming water droplets on windows, walls, or other surfaces. If moisture inside of the home is not controlled over time, it can result in peeling wallpaper, mold and mildew formation, and even structural damage to wood supports. Rot and mold can cause severe respiratory problems, especially in asthmatic individuals. Ventilation staunches the spread of condensation by exchanging moist air for fresh, drier air.


Poor air quality can take a toll on your health—and at John’s Service and Sales—we’re here to stop the problem before it starts. Our knowledgeable team of industry-certified technicians can provide the solution that’s right for your home environment. Call today and breathe easier.