Winter is quickly approaching, and there are plenty of things you should consider during the fall before it starts to get cold outside. You don’t want to be caught in the middle of winter with an HVAC emergency.

Future-Proof Your HVAC

Residential HVAC installation and service from John’s Service and Sales includes winter-proofing services for your HVAC system. When people think of HVAC services, they often don’t consider the changing of the seasons. Winter can be a stressful time for your HVAC system, and there are also ways for you to get your system ready for the transition back to spring. Above all else, preparing your system for the winter will give you peace of mind. A furnace failure in the middle of a January blizzard is going to be uncomfortable, will make your family incredibly unhappy, and is sure to be expensive to fix if it can be fixed at all. If you follow some or all of these tips, you can avoid the hassle.

Change Your Furnace Air Filters

While you still have a few weeks left of warm days in the fall, you have a chance to get your furnace prepared for the cold. Because everyone in your house will be stuck inside for a few months, it’s important to give your HVAC system the tools it needs to feed you clean air. New air filters not only protect the health of you or your family, but they also help prevent particulates from getting into your system.

Evaluate Your Furnace

An HVAC professional will find things that are slightly off before they turn into disasters or major repairs. This can especially be a concern if you have recently added on to your home. If the furnace wasn’t originally designed with the new space in mind, there’s a good chance you’ve got a problem. Even if this isn’t the case, why wait until your home is freezing to address a potential problem? 


At the very least, your technician will simply tell you the furnace is good to go for the winter. If a replacement is actually necessary, it won’t be good news, but John’s Service and Sales can handle it. In general, though, a checkup will extend the life of your system. Professional HVAC technicians will make sure your system does its job throughout the winter months. Have them calibrate your thermostat, inspect your system as a whole, and tighten any electrical connections. And don’t forget, if you have a newer system it might be necessary to maintain it to keep your warranty valid.

Clean Your Ducts

People often forget that all throughout the year your air ducts are constantly circulating whatever gets inside of them. Dust, mold, and even rodent feces can cause allergy issues and even illness in anyone exposed. Most people think of allergies being a problem in the spring, summer, and fall, but without clean ducts anyone can suffer from allergy problems year-round. Most people will consider changing their air filters, which is important, but dirty air ducts can be just as damaging. Health aside, your air ducts make a big difference for the efficiency of your system. Cleaning your air ducts during any season will save you money through efficiency and a longer system lifespan.

Prepare for Next Spring With an AC Tune-Up

At the end of the season, a tune-up from a professional HVAC technician, like one from John’s Service and Sales, can extend the life of your system. One of the main reasons to get an end of season tune-up is to prevent costly repairs that will cause a major headache when you are relying on your system in the heat of summer. A tune-up for your AC might not be the first thing you think of going into the winter, but getting something looked at before it is necessary is always the best approach. If you didn’t get your system checked before the summer started and don’t plan to next year, it’s a good idea to do some maintenance today.

Weigh Your Options

Really, you have two options. One, trust that your system is already working properly and will make it through another winter without a major issue. Two, you get your system inspected, incur a small cost, and be confident that your furnace won’t fail in the middle of a snowstorm. John’s Service and Sales offers a comprehensive HVAC solution for both commercial and residential clients. From inspections to preventative maintenance, we handle it all. If you’ve been asking yourself how to find an HVAC company, connect with us today to get your system ready for the winter.