Plumbing emergencies can take a number of forms—some messy and some simply disruptive—but, either way, they will affect your operations and should be addressed immediately.

When Disaster Strikes

Depending on the season, plumbing disasters can take a variety of forms but, in general, they are a consistent threat that should be accounted for before they strike. 

Burst Pipes

Most common in the cold winter months, burst pipes are typically the result of water freezing and expanding. Burst pipes can cause extensive damage through flooding, so it’s important you shut off the water immediately. It’s also important to turn off the electricity until a plumber can arrive to fix the situation.

Clog or Blockage

Clogs and blockages are probably the most common plumbing emergencies. Caused by any number of factors from foreign matter trapped in your pipes to tree root invasion, blockages are oftentimes not noticed until it’s too late. The best way to avoid this is to have your system inspected regularly.

Sewage Backup

When a blockage goes too long without being addressed, a sewer backup is bound to occur eventually. Unpleasant to see and smell, and dangerous to clean up on your own, sewer backups are some of the worst plumbing disasters around. To avoid spreading illness, make sure you contact your trusted plumbing repair service as soon as possible.

Broken Main Line

Your main water and sewer lines connect your building to the outside world and, when broken, can wreak havoc on your operations. Without a functioning main line, you are truly out of luck until the pipe is repaired. If you suspect a leak in your main sewer or water lines, contact your city. It may be their responsibility. If you are unsure of the problem, reach out to your local plumbers, like John’s Sales and Service, to come and take a look.

A Well-Maintained Plumbing System

When plumbing installation is carried out properly and regular inspections and maintenance are performed, your risk of plumbing emergencies is dramatically reduced. Inspections can identify issues like slab leaks and other problems before they balloon into full-blown disasters. Maintenance is absolutely critical because plumbing systems, like any other intricate mechanical infrastructure in your facility, have a limited lifespan. Failure is inevitable when a system isn’t cared for properly.

Plumb Locally

Many people like to support local businesses, but with plumbing services, it’s more of a requirement. If you’re ever asking the question, “Where can I find plumbing repair near me?” make sure you keep John’s Sales and Service in mind. We’ve been developing our expertise for over half a century and we’re prepared to handle any plumbing disaster you may face! Contact us today to have us take a look at your plumbing and HVAC systems.