One of the best ways to prevent heating and cooling problems is to establish a preventive maintenance schedule with a team of HVAC service technicians like the experts at John’s Services and Sales.

The HVAC system is a foundational part of any home or business. It helps us stay cool during hot summers and warm during the harsh winter months. It’s crucial this equipment is always working properly; otherwise, it can create a dangerous environment for everyone in the building. And if your HVAC system ever does shut down, you may have to resort to an expensive repair. Fortunately, these issues are preventable, especially when you have a professional maintenance plan in effect.

HVAC Maintenance Boiled Down to a Science

A preventive maintenance program helps ensure your HVAC equipment is operating at peak efficiency. And when this program is executed correctly, you’ll be able to take advantage of lower energy costs, fewer breakdowns, longer-lasting equipment, and a safer, more comfortable indoor environment. These are just some of the preventive maintenance tasks that will help prevent your HVAC system from acting up:

Seasonal Tune-Ups

It’s wise to get your HVAC systems checked during the fall and spring. This will help get your equipment in top shape for its two busiest times of the year: summer and winter. During tune-ups, an HVAC technician will inspect each component to ensure no mechanical issues are hindering your system’s performance. This is your best opportunity to replace worn parts and reconfigure all of your system’s electrical connections.

Air Filter Replacements

Not every maintenance task has to be performed by a professional technician. You can improve your HVAC system’s efficiency simply by changing the air filters regularly. This is one of the easiest ways to prevent breakdowns. If your indoor environment is often filled with a large number or people or any pets, you’ll probably want to replace the filter more frequently. This will help your HVAC system generate safe and breathable air.

Leak Patching and Repairs

Always check your HVAC system for water leaks. If you notice any dripping coming from an indoor unit, reactive maintenance will be necessary. Leakage usually results in more serious mechanical issues, so make sure you have your HVAC technician on speed dial in case any emergencies take place. Additionally, you’ll also want to have more refrigerant available, as it melts faster when the air conditioner is running at peak performance.

Unclogging Air Vents

Air must be able to move freely through your HVAC system for it to circulate throughout your building. When an air vent becomes blocked, it puts more pressure on the HVAC system, which prevents it from fulfilling its job. Air blockage causes mechanical parts to fail, so make sure you are actively unclogging your ventilation systems. This will allow you to maintain a healthy and consistent airflow.

Cleaning Debris Out of the Condenser

Outdoor units usually endure a lot more wear and tear than most indoor HVAC systems. This is mainly because outdoor systems take in more debris such as lawn clippings, sticks, leaves, and even small animals’ nesting materials. Make sure your HVAC system is regularly hosed down, as it will help eliminate the obstructive buildup of outside particles.

Take Advantage of Superior HVAC Preventive Maintenance

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