Maximize cost savings and increase the efficiency of your air conditioning system with a preventive maintenance program from John’s Services and Sales.

Now that summer is here, air conditioners far and wide are humming away as they work to beat the heat in homes and businesses. So, to avoid any service issues, it’s critical to establish an HVAC preventive maintenance schedule. Doing so will keep your HVAC system in optimal running order now—and for many seasons to come.

Why You Should Consider HVAC Preventive Maintenance

Performing various preventive maintenance tasks will do much more than just keep your AC units in proper working order. In the long run, you’ll be able to enjoy an extensive collection of benefits including sustainable energy, higher cost savings, and increased comfort.

Here are some of the ways an air conditioning maintenance program can help your business maintain a long-term edge:  

More Energy Conservation

Time is the No. 1 enemy of HVAC units. AC equipment wears out easily when it runs nonstop for hours on end. Those long hours can lead to worn parts, loose connections, and an overall loss of performance. Routine maintenance goes a long way to preventing these issues. Performing a simple inspection will help ensure your system is always running as efficiently as possible. More efficiency means less energy is needed, leading to less expensive utility costs and a more comfortable environment for longer periods.  

Better Indoor Air Comfort

Establishing a preventive maintenance routine helps keep your system in pristine condition. While professional HVAC specialists thoroughly clean your equipment, they also look for notable obstructions. If they identify any inefficiencies within the system, they eliminate the source of the problem, enabling the air conditioner to perform smoothly. This helps you maintain a balanced humidity with fewer hot and cold spots. In turn, you can generate a healthier, more consistent airflow, which helps create a safe, comfortable environment for your employees.

Less Downtime, Fewer Repairs, and Minimal Headaches

You’re bound to experience a wave of mechanical disruptions if your HVAC system isn’t being cared for properly. An inefficient air conditioner is a workplace hazard that could lead to costly downtime. Some mechanical failures may even force your operation to shut down entirely. This prevents you from turning a profit and leaves you vulnerable to expensive repairs. Professional HVAC maintenance curtails these issues before they turn into serious emergencies. This keeps your AC equipment functioning smoothly, which helps the operation stay in motion.

Longer Lifespan of Your Equipment

An air conditioning system isn’t cheap. It’s a long-term investment for your building’s future. When treated right, your HVAC should last 15 to 20 years or more. Without preventive maintenance, you can expect to replace the system in five to seven years, which can be a major financial setback. Routine maintenance helps preserve the quality of your HVAC system. It enables you to get the best results from your HVAC equipment for as long as possible, helping save the business more money in the long run.

Set Up Your Preventive Maintenance Schedule Today

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