Essential systems like steam boilers are absolutely necessary for a range of industries. From water treatment to power generation, a functional boiler system requires regular maintenance to keep it operating properly. Generally speaking, catastrophic failure isn’t the main concern. Boiler problems typically occur over long time spans and can be avoided.

Steam Boiler Best Practices

Hot water boiler service and regular maintenance are the best ways to prevent your boiler from turning into a liability. Problems are significantly easier to prevent than they are to fix after the fact. 

Ensure the Water Is Properly Treated

To prevent issues like hard-scale build up and oxygen pitting, water inside boilers needs to be properly treated with chemicals designed to protect carbon steel, the material most boilers are constructed from. High-carbon steel is an incredibly strong material, but it is prone to issues that cause it to weaken and degrade over time. Aside from the danger of a boiler that becomes damaged over time, efficiency will take a hit if the boiler is not properly maintained.

Schedule Regular Inspections

Outside of treating source water properly to protect the interior of boiler systems, it is important to have your system regularly inspected for potential issues. Inspections can often result in simple troubleshooting that is far less expensive than it would be to shut down and fix a major problem. Detecting rust, corrosion, or oxygen-pitting before it becomes a major problem can pay dividends down the line. If anything, inspections help ensure you won’t be surprised by a sudden issue. Even a simple issue like a pilot light can cause a great deal of pain and stress, not to mention safety concerns.

If that weren’t enough motivation, the law requires that boiler systems undergo routine safety inspections. Penalties for noncompliance can be stiff, but HVAC and plumbing contractors like John’s Service and Sales have the expertise to keep your system safe and out of legal hot water.

Hot Water Boiler Repair

If your system is in need of repair, only trained and certified technicians should be anywhere near it. The experts at John’s Sales and Service have been in the industry for over 55 years. From new, state-of-the-art hot water or steam systems to older equipment, we have the tools and knowledge to handle it. We have even worked on boiler water tank repair jobs for systems that are over 50 years old!

Connect with us today if you have concerns about the health of your boiler system. With the range of issues boilers can experience, the legal risk of not scheduling inspections, and the critical nature of their role in your facility, it’s important to choose the best.