Mistakes made during the installation and repair of your commercial refrigeration systems can have drastic consequences. It’s important to work with experts to ensure your system is operating effectively.

There are a number of potential pitfalls that can occur when installing or repairing a refrigeration system. From the size of the system to a proper inspection, if any new or existing refrigeration infrastructure installation or repair doesn’t take every detail into account, there are countless paths to failure. 


This post covers some of these potential issues that can balloon into expensive problems down the line.

The System and Its Uses

A commercial refrigeration system can’t be thought of as an isolated piece of equipment. It must be considered in light of its use case. For instance, a system that is designed to cool a small space can’t be relied on to function well when you upgrade to a larger space. A small hole-in-the-wall restaurant can’t use the same refrigeration system as a large hotel kitchen. 


Size is just one example. The materials used, proper refrigerant, and inspections are all separate but equal issues that your system may face. Keep in mind that this list is by no means exhaustive, so it is critical you are sure of your contractor’s expertise.

Too Small or Too Big

As noted above, a refrigeration system that is improperly sized for your use case is fated to fail. It’s as simple as that. A system that is too small will not get the job done, will work far harder than it was designed to, and is likely to break down quickly. A system that is too large will consume far more electricity than you’ve budgeted for, among other issues. A large system will be unable to create a consistent temperature in your refrigerated area and will be forced to cycle on and off more often than would be desired. 


These problems are mostly applicable during new installations, but repair service also comes into play here. Let’s imagine your system is too small, works harder than it was designed to, and begins to break down. If you choose to simply repair this system, you are merely extending the issue. Repairing an ineffective system is not a solution.

Improper Materials

This may seem like a given, but any HVAC or refrigeration system that is installed without the highest quality materials available is one that has been installed incorrectly. Cheap materials mean earlier failure than you might otherwise expect, which results in higher long-term maintenance and replacement costs. 


We don’t advocate that you pester your installer over and over with questions like, “what is this part made of?” However, it is critically important that you work with professionals who have a proven track record of installing robust refrigeration systems. One good question to ask is, “What are some projects you’ve worked on in the past, and are they still working today?”

Insufficient Refrigerant Charge

Similar to an HVAC system, a refrigeration system relies on the proper amount of refrigerant to continue to function properly. If you aren’t including a check on the refrigerant in your system as part of routine maintenance practices for your critical systems, you are making a costly mistake. Not only can improper levels of refrigerant raise your energy costs, but your inefficient system will be prone to failure and will require repairs more regularly. This one is easy; you can avoid extra costs with a few simple checks.

Schedule Regular and Proper Inspections

Like any critical system that your business relies on every day, inspections can find problems before they balloon into expensive system failures. However, getting regular inspections isn’t helpful if they are carried out by technicians who aren’t experts in your particular system or who do not know what problems to look for. Your refrigeration system, as we mentioned earlier, is part of a larger context. To carry out effective inspections, your service team needs to understand your use case in addition to your specific system.

Work With the Experts

All in all, saving on energy and repair costs associated with your refrigeration system relies on an experienced, professional refrigeration service team. John’s Service and Sales has been in the HVAC industry for more than 55 years, and we have the expertise to properly install new refrigeration systems and repair your existing system. 


If you are concerned about the health of your system, please reach out to us today!