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Ductless Split Air Conditioning

A complete air system in one unit.

Ductless Air Conditioning Units

If you are considering the replacement of your air conditioning unit this summer, you may give a thought to switching to a ductless air conditioning unit. Ductless air conditioning units come with a complete system of air cleaning filters that expel allergy-causing particles, which are carried through the air such as dust, pollen, and mildew. They also circulate clean air throughout the house. By installing a ductless air conditioning system in your home, you will experience a visible reduction in your monthly energy expense! Because ductless air conditioning units can cool and heat your home in a far more efficient way than a conventional air conditioning and heating unit, you get a lower monthly energy bill. At John’s Service and Sales we have years of experience with central HVAC services. While the upfront cost of ductless mini split air conditioning may seem overwhelming, by upgrading to a ductless air conditioning unit, you will save money over time.

Having difficult cooling your home?

A ductless air conditioner may be the answer.

Ductless Air Conditioning vs Central Air

With ductless air conditioning units, indoor air handles can be mounted in many places. You can also have ductless heating and air conditioning units installed in a manner that the heated and cooled air remains confined to certain parts of the home. This not only delivers excellent convenience but also results in reduced energy costs. With central air conditioning, setting the temperature on the thermostat results in temperature adjustment for the entire home. With a multi-split ductless air conditioning, you can set a varied level of temperatures in different rooms. When it comes to installation, the experienced technicians at John’s Service and Sales offer convenient mini split air conditioning system installation.


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