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Water Filtration Systems

Filtration will convert tap water to pure water, for your entire home The water from your tap may be fresh enough to drink and treated to remove toxic substances and chemicals before it reaches your home, but this doesn’t mean it is completely free of contaminants and bacteria. Even the most thorough municipal water treatment  Continue Reading »

Forced Air Furnaces

Trust our team of HVAC professionals when you need to install a new furnace system. John’s Sales and Service is your forced air heater expert A forced air furnace is the most common method of heating residential buildings and John’s Service and Sales has years of experience installing and maintaining them. They are efficient, easy  Continue Reading »

8 Ways Your Commercial HVAC System Can Save You Money

It is something that has to work every day, it costs you money every month just so it will work, when it breaks down it costs a lot of money to get going again, and in most cases, it doesn’t directly account for any revenue. No, it isn’t a lazy employee, it is your HVAC  Continue Reading »

Dust Collectors vs. Air Filters: How to Decide

Electrostatic precipitators – These air scrubbers are popular in industrial situations as they move air and dust through an electrical field which uses static cling to collect dust. How are air filter systems different? Air filter systems direct air through a HEPA approved filter installed directly in your HVAC system. This can be supplemented by  Continue Reading »

Benefits of Industrial HVAC Solutions

Maintaining proper heating and cooling controls in your workplace is a critical priority. Employers need to have a grasp on an effective HVAC solution to keep facilities with a safe and comfortable airflow. With the right equipment and treatment plans, you’ll be able to create a more efficient operation for your employees to work in.  Continue Reading »

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